1. All submissions must be made by text or email to Melissa directly. No points will be awarded during lessons.

2. A record of points will be in the studio and can be seen at any time, or you may text/email a request for a picture of the points board.

3. Melissa may ask you to resubmit for points if the challenge is not yet complete; you must complete all challenge steps in order.

4. You may work at your own pace, helpful videos and pictures for each step will be posted on Melissa’s social media once a week.

5. Any studio resources (dictionaries, pedagogy books, etc.) are available to borrow from the studio or to use before or after your regularly scheduled lesson time.

6. Prizes will be awarded for age group and challenge category.

7. Bonus points are available for some challenge steps and will be indicated.

Bowing Challenge

1. Correct bow hold – 1 point Send a picture or video of your correct bow hold showing a curved thumb and pinky with all fingers where they should be (this is easiest if someone else takes the picture!) For 1 bonus point, send a picture of you doing the correct bow hold with the wrong hand

2. Silent bow taps – 1 point Send a video of you doing 2 silent bow taps on one string at the frog, middle and tip of the bow. For 2 bonus points, send the video with silent bow taps on all 4 strings

3. Rhythms on open strings – 1 point each Video demonstration: each student wishing to complete this challenge will need to ask for an ability level specific set of 4 rhythms. Each rhythm can earn you 1 bonus point if played on each note of a one octave scale of your choice

4. Staccato – 1 point Video demonstration of 4 staccato quarter notes on any open string or finger. Must also include either a spoken definition in the video or an accompanying picture of a written definition

5. Legato – 1 point (Same as staccato)

6. Martele – 1 point (Same as staccato)

7. Accent – 1 point (Same as staccato)

8. Detache – 1 point (Same as staccato)

9. Up bow Staccato – 1 point (Same as staccato)

10. String crossings – 1 point Same as staccato, and 1 bonus point can be earned if your fingers are placed correctly for a 4 note chord

11. Sautillle – 1 point (Same as staccato)

12. Spicatto – 1 point (Same as staccato)

Scale Challenge

1. One octave scales – 1 point each

Violin: G, D, A, E and B major, 1 bonus point for playing them in positions other than 1st

Viola: C, G, D, A and E major, 1 bonus point for playing them in positions other than 1st

2. Two octave scales – 3 points each

All key signatures through 4 sharps and flats (both instruments), bonus points for adding arpeggios, parallel minors and broken thirds

3. Three octave scales – 8 points each

All key signatures, each set must include major, melodic minor, arpeggios and broken thirds.